Trump Tower Jump: Surveillance Photos Released Of Chicago Daredevils

Three Trump Tower jumpers in Chicago are apparently keeping things quiet as they continue to hide from the long arm of the law. The Chicago Police Department has released surveillance images of the three young men who donned parachutes to jump 92 stories from Chicago’s Trump Tower early Thursday morning.

They are still determined to capture the three Trump Tower jumpers because the three men broke locks to enter the roof so that they could complete the illegal BASE jump.

They were almost certainly planning to film the footage created by their head cameras in the course of the jump. However, I haven’t been able to find any such footage — and neither have other media sources like Fox 32 News which conducted an extensive hunt for the video.

The BASE jump showm in the video up top is a legal staged BASE jump from Transformer 3, filmed in Chicago.

The three men parachuted safely off the highest point of the Chicago Trump Tower around 12:30 AM on Thursday morning and presumably knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, the Chicago Police Department is not amused.

Along with Chicago Trump Tower security, they are responsible for protecting the skyscraper from terror attacks as well as criminal breaking and entering.

The fact that the three men can calmly break in, climb 92 stories, and parachute off the building like so many movie heroes leaves the police with a certain amount of egg on their faces.

The Chicago Police Department has arrested BASE jumpers before. A Chicago Tribune report included remarks from BASE jumper Shaun Walters, who pled guilty to jumping off a building under construction in 2011.

He made the mistake of landing near a Chicago police car, resulting in a quick arrest. He was ultimately sentenced to three months probation.

trump tower jump suspects
Trump Tower Jump suspects

OK, that’s the picture of the daring trio. While I’d don’t advocate illegal breaking and entering, and I sure as heck don’t advocate jumping off perfectly good skyscrapers, I guess I’m glad I don’t know these guys, because I’m not sure if I would have the heart to report them if I did.

I think it’s up to these BASE jumpers to out themselves. Who wants to be the rat who tattled on the three brave Chicago Trump Tower jumpers?

[surveillance photo by Chicago Police Department via Chicago Tribune]

[night photo Chicago Trump Towers and surrounding area by Tony the Tiger via Wikimedia]