Steven Spielberg: ‘Transformers’ Makes For Great Amusement Park Ride

Steven Spielberg knew from the moment he saw the Transformers movies that they would give audiences a ride.

Now the film series, with the help of Oscar-winning director, has become just that. Spielberg served as a consultant on a amusement park ride at Florida’s Universal Orlando called “Transformers: The Ride-3D.”

If anyone knows how to turn a movie into a ride, it’s Steven Spielberg. Two of the most popular and successful rides at Universal Orlando have been spawned from his classic movies — E.T. and Jaws.

But Spielberg admitted it takes a lot more than a good action movie to make a good ride.

“Somebody on the executive level has to take the financial plunge,” Spielberg said on the Today show. Transformers was a big success before Universal determined this would be an enduring franchise and therefore worth taking a shot at putting it here in the theme park.”

Spielberg was on on the Today show to promote the ride, which he said gives the audience the chance to become part of the Transformers movies.

“The ride is designed with the audience in mind,” Spielberg said. “It’s all about you. You replace all the stars in the Transformers movies.”

It seems like Steven Spielberg has another potential ride coming in the pipeline. Production has started on the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series, one that sounds to be much bigger than the previous three.

Rumors say Jurassic Park 4 will feature aquatic dinosaurs, a break from the land-based animals featured in the first three movies. The Spielberg-produced movie is still rounding out its cast, with producers reportedly looking at Bryce Dallas Howard for a role. She previously starred in the 2010 movie Hereafter, which was also produced by Spielberg.

The concept of Jurassic Park 4 itself sounds like a ride at Universal Orlando. The movie is set in present day Isla Nublar, the site of the ill-fated first movie, which has now become a theme park attracting millions of visitors each year. But, like in the first movie, the dinosaurs break free and cause mayhem among the guests.