Bird Biker Lady Makes Free-Flying Sun Conure YouTube Famous

bird bike lady

A bird and biker lady in Thailand went out for a spin a few days ago — only to become the subject of what a YouTube poster said is “maybe the strangest thing I have ever filmed in Thailand. That’s saying a lot.”

OfficialSwick published the bird biker lady footage on Thursday, and it’s already received almost 200,000 views, so I’d say that it’s well on its way to becoming viral. Heck, it probably already is at the top of the charts for new parrot videos.

If you haven’t hit the button and watched it yet, what are you waiting for?

It isn’t every day that you’ll see an outlaw wanna-be biker chick with Texas-sized horns on her scooter and a pet sun conure flying along at her side.

I wish I knew her secret for creating such an athletic parrot. My conures won’t exercise on a bet. While the sun conure does take a brief rest on the bike, her energetic pet is soon zipping along under its own wing power again.

For you doubters who think the parrot is just a wild bird that happened along to enjoy the slipstream whipped up by the bike, look again. It’s a sun conure — a species native to South America and never found wild in Thailand.

Without getting overly involved in the free-flying pet parrot fistfight, I’ll say that I’m impressed with this well-trained pet.

But I’ll add that 99.9 percent of us shouldn’t be trying this trick at home, because it takes an exceptionally calm and well-trained parrot to pull this off. You don’t want to lose your parrot in the search for YouTube fame, and it’s very easy for a frightened parrot to get scared, fly off in the wrong direction, and get forever lost.

So enjoy the bird biker lady video for what it is, but don’t make it a case of monkey see, monkey do.

[sun conure still photo by Sandy Cole and Carolina Birds]