Paula Deen Fans Overwhelm Food Network’s Facebook With Criticism


Paula Deen was famously fired late last week from the Food Network, but the comfort cook’s fans aren’t taking it lying down. They have overwhelmed the network’s Facebook page and other social media avenues with angry comments defending Deen and her controversial deposition which resulted in her dismissal.

After admitting that she used racial slurs and apologizing in a series of YouTube videos last Friday, the Food Network chose not to renew celebrity chef Paula Deen’s contract.

New reports of alleged racism on Deen’s part continue to come out, but just as quickly as new information comes to light, Deen’s fans have stepped up the counter-attack and are blasting the Food Network for firing Deen so ignobly.

Some of her most die-hard supporters flocked to the Food Network’s Facebook page, many even defending her use of racial slurs.

“Food Network … I will NEVER watch your shows anymore!” read one fan’s post. “We are talking about a word, not a crime! For this you Fire her? If you can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!”

“I agree Paula you did nothing [wrong]. I think we all used the n word no biggie. My friends who are black use the n word more than I could even imagine,” wrote another.

Simply overwhelmed with criticism, the Food Network has seemingly retreated into a shell as of Saturday night. “We aren’t commenting any further at this time,” they said.

At its peak, the Food Network Facebook page saw 10 new angry comments about Paula Deen’s firing every minute. Most fans were less critical of the Food Network itself and more defensive of Deen and her comments. Some pointed out that given the time passed, Deen should be forgiven. Others seemed to argue that racial epithets aren’t really a big deal.

“Who at our age hasn’t used a word that was totally inappropriate; or told or listened to a joke that was directed towards a race (Pollock, Indians, Red Necks, etc. etc.) Rappers can use whatever language they want and that’s acceptable.”

Many new Facebook pages seeking to boycott the Food Network have popped up as well:


Do you think that Paula Deen should have lost her Food Network job over her allegedly racist comments?