Justin Bieber Falls, Pitches It In Oddly Compelling Viewing [Video]

Justin Bieber Falls Down Stairs Before Photo Shoot, Injures Himself

Justin Bieber has injured his neck. He obtained this injury falling down a fight of stairs on Sunday (June 23).

The accident-incident-prone 19-year-old fell down the stairs just before a photoshoot.

We know these things because Bieber posted an Instagram video and talked about it.

The clip’s hashtag caption read:

“whyigottafallandcutmyneckbeforeaphotoshoot fun.”

Incidentally, the shoot was for adidas NEO, who the singer represents along with reportedly ex-gal pal Selena Gomez and other young stars.

In the 10 second clip, the tattooed teen joked:

“So I decided I was gonna fall down the stairs,” before the frame focuses on a side view of the said neck injury, which is red.

The “Baby” singer adds: “And so I did! So that’s exactly what I did,” then laughs in a cute but also slightly Jack Nicholson-esque meets The Shining type way.

I know the feeling.

It is hilarious that I’m writing about a teenager’s daily exploits, even an uber famous one. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather write about this than hogweed. But it is sort of amusing that so many are now obliged to check Bieber’s Instagram feed for new updates, then write about it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hot on the heels of Bieber’s recent social media record as the first Instagram video user to hit the one miliion ‘Likes’ milestone — and for his very first Instagram video— a bounty of them has since poured forth from the budding Scorsese.

We’ve seen the Canadian up close and shirtless in his first giggly, speculation-generating clip.

We’ve witnessed the agonizing moments before LeBron James shoots a critical basket as seen from the inner sanctum of Bieber’s luxury box at the Miami-Heat v San Antonio Spurs NBA final last Thursday. Luxury snacks not included.

Then, fun with fans outside the star’s Miami hotel last week. A sweet and completely unrehearsed moment when the three girls said they were most exited about the singer’s upcoming new single “Heartbreaker” would have made Steve Jobs proud.

But pathos was just around the corner. Bieber, desolate, and apparently co-piloting a helicopter in MIami, told us there was “too much traffic,” but failed to add that his (ultimately futile) emergency flight was to retrieve an alleged monkey.

Mercifully, the mood was lightened by manager Scooter Braun and the Biebs spoofing up Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” in a slow-mo ‘bromance’ thing.

It’s quite funny and we also see the teen star’s pink underwear, which of course only adds to the whole compelling-ness that I spoke of above.

The next Instagram video shows the superstar, and his extraordinary hair, post his first show back on the Believe tour in San Diego. Shirtless and sated from exertions onstage, his verdict:

“San Diego was great.”

Then, comes the falling down the stairs down scene, which you already know about.

Next, a slice of Bieber getting his rap on to Migos featuring Drake on “Versace.”

I tell you I’m literally beside myself at the thought of Rihanna’s Instagram videos.

Bieber is set to perform at Los Angeles’ Staples Center tonight and Tuesday, before continuing on the last leg of the Believe world tour.

[Image via Entertainment Wise]