2010 College Football Preview: Washington Huskies

So we are in August and beyond the NFL and United Football League, we have college football. Now I am not the biggest college football fan out there, but since I write a NFL draft column I will be watching a lot more of CFB this year. We start with the Washington Huskies who will enter the 2010 season as the #25 ranked team by the Sporting News. The key date to keep in mind here is September 18th as the Nebraska Cornhuskers will come to town and we will see if the Huskies have enough talent to make a run at a National Title on that day.

This team has a couple of interesting players. QB Jake Locker could have skipped town for the NFL draft and quite possibly been the first overall pick, however he chose to remain in school as he feels he has unfinished business there. It seems his unfinished business is returning this team to the CFB post season. I would also keep my eye on LB Mason Foster. He started every game last year, but was over shadowed by Donald Butler. Now Mason has the spotlight all to himself.

The good news here is behind a really good QB the Huskies running game and offensive line rank in the top half of Pac 10 teams. Looking over the schedule they have a very good chance at 8 to 10 wins, and if they get a few lucky bounces they could do even better than that. I would look for this team to pick up the Pac 10 flag as USC will be down for the count for the next few seasons at least.

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