Madonna Reveals ‘Secret Project’ With Violent Teaser [Video]

Madonna has been hard at work on a “secret project” with photographer Steven Klein. The controversial singer gave fans a glimpse of things to come by releasing a one-minute teaser trailer.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about this violent and unsettling art project floating around at the moment. Judging from the clip you see embedded below, Madonna and Steven Klein’s work doesn’t deviate too far from the themes and imagery she’s tackled in the past.

The teaser trailer for Madonna’s secret project is shot in black-and-white and contains footage some people might find offensive. Be sure to take all of this into consideration before watching the clip at work. It could easily be described as being not very safe for a professional environment.

The clip features some violent imagery as well as Madonna decked out in a skintight leather outfit. In between shots of a very gifted and flexible dancer, viewers will be treated to footage of people being beaten, slammed onto floors, and locked inside dirty prison cells.

What’s all of this about? According to ANI, the 54-year-old singer isn’t saying too much about her secret project at the moment. Those who grew up with Madonna have seen her tackle this sort of material before, particularly during the release and promotion of her album Erotica.

Madonna can also be found wielding a gun in the teaser trailer, something she also does during her recent live shows. The singer recently defended her decision to use firearms during her chat with the folks at Good Morning America.

When asked if she would delete footage of weaponry from her upcoming tour documentary, Madonna scoffed at the very idea of censoring herself.

“That would be like asking people to not have guns in action movies. The thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” the singer said.

You can find the recently-released teaser trailer below. Keep in mind that the clip does contain some violent imagery. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.