Err … Modern Warfare 2 gets a new single-player demo

Nine months after the full game launched, a single-player demo for Modern Warfare 2 has nonchalantly sauntered into the room. Yeah, a demo. Punctual, much?

It’s available right now from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and I’m guess it’s aimed at the four sentient lifeforms who do not yet own Modern Warfare 2. Isn’t it a bit weird to promote the game now, with its spiritual sequel just around the corner? Well, yeah. But maybe there are other reasons for this absurdly late demo.

In the past few months, Activision released two hilariously overpriced packs of extra maps for prices that made me laugh, then immediately stop laughing when I realised people were actually paying. So maybe this demo is to help promote those. I dunno.

Either way, at least they picked one of the best levels in the game to show off: the snowy “Cliffhanger” level towards the end of the title is playable from start to finish.

[Via Destructoid]