Mickey Gilley Announces The Return Of His Famous Club On Facebook

Gilley's Club Pasadena

Mickey Gilley recently announced the epic return of his once-famous club on Facebook.

The country singer is reportedly looking to dip his toes into the Houston music scene once again by reopening Gilley’s Club in Pasadena. Although there are other clubs in Dallas and Las Vegas, this particular region of Texas has been Gilley-free for quite some time.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Mickey Gilley has been keeping his Facebook friends and followers up-to-date with the project. A recent video posted by the singer was designed to engage potential investors. The response to the proposed reopening has apparently been very positive.

“Since we uploaded the video about the ‘new’ Gilley’s Club, there have been many private messages on this page, asking about investment possibilities. Thank you for all the inquiries. There will be many more updates to this ongoing story, so stay tuned!” the country star wrote.

The bar and honky tonk was established by Mickey Gilley back in 1971. Although it was a major attraction in the area at the time, the club would become even more popular after appearing in the John Travolta flick Urban Cowboy.

ABC Local reports the interior of Gilley’s Club was destroyed by a fire in 1989. The website suggests lawsuits between the founders of the bar ultimately prevented it from ever reopening. However, it looks like the club could rise again.

In order to get the place up and running again, Mickey Gilley explained he needed around $3 million from investors. These plans reportedly include a modern version of the original design, seating for approximately 2,000 people, and the icing on the cake: a mechanical bull.

“I would like to see Gilley’s back up and running before I pass because I am 77 years old. I don’t want to run a club, but I would like to see my namesake up in Pasadena because it was a big part of my life,” the singer explained. Planning is said to be in the early stages.

According to KHOU, this isn’t the only club the country star has in the works. Another bar is currently scheduled to open in Florida in the not-too-distant future.

Are you a fan of Mickey Gilley? What do you think about the possible return of Gilley’s Club to Pasadena?

[Image via PR Web]