LeBron James: Danny Green Did Not Party With Miami Heat

A few hours after losing to the Miami Heat, Spurs star Danny Green was spotted at a club with LeBron James. Many people speculated that Green, who broke an NBA finals record for most three-pointers, was out partying with his rivals.

But looks can be deceiving.

Green addressed the photo on Twitter saying that he didn’t go partying with LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

Green said that he congratulated James on the victory when he saw him out at the club but didn’t have any celebratory drinks with the MVP.

Green writes on Twitter: “Got give credit to Miami…but don’t think for one sec I was out celebrating with them…jus happened to be at the same place, wrong time.”

James also addressed the photo today. James said that Green stopped by the club to congratulate his former teammate. The two shared a brief exchange and then the Spurs star left.

James said: “Danny Green did not party with us on Thursday night. He came to say congrats and I told him how proud of him I was for taking full advantage of the opportunity he was giving and keep going. We dapped up, showed love and he left.”

Here’s the photo of Danny Green and LeBron James embracing after the Miami Heat won the NBA championship.

Are you surprised that Green and James were so friendly after the Spurs lost game 7? Several reporters have congratulated the Heat and the Spurs for displaying great sportsmanship during the NBA finals. There wasn’t one technical during the series and at the end both teams met at half court to share a few kind words.