Has beer been unfairly maligned as ‘fattening’ all this time?

The good news: maybe beer isn’t so bad for your waistline after all.

The bad news: the information in question is being presented by a group identifying themselves as the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), so they might have some existing bias. But hey, they’re presenting real, cold hard frothy data:

“For years, beer has been blighted by a reputation for being more fattening than other alcoholic drinks, when in reality the exact opposite is true,” beer expert Prof. Charlie Bamforth said. “The major source of calories in any alcoholic drink is the alcohol itself, and because beer is the drinks category with the lowest average alcohol content, it is also lowest in calories — so for someone looking to lose weight, swapping their glass of wine for a beer every day would … cut out more calories than are burned off during a typical 30-minute jog.”

Okay, I’m going to reiterate that for you: according to these CAMRA people, swapping wine for a beer cuts out more calories than jogging. So by that rationale, you can drink a beer instead of going to the gym! Brilliant! According to CAMRA, 34% of men and 29% of women wrongly believed beer was more calorrific than other beverages. CAMRA Chief Executive Mike Benner asserts:

“As a low-alcohol drink, beer can supplement a healthy lifestyle if consumed in a responsible manner.”

So. Beer diet on!

[via Fark, Image]