Withings Pulse Announces $99 Pre-Orders For Wearable Fitness Tracker

The Withings Pulse is now available for pre-order and nearly ready to take on other wearable fitness trackers from the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone.

First debuted at CES 2013, the $99 tracker adds to the company’s growing number of smart scales and body analyzers that began debuting in 2009.

The move puts Withings in direct competition with the very company’s it has partnered with. Both Fitbit and Jawbone incorporate Withings scales so they can provide weight data into user accounts.

The Withings Pulse is a small 8-gram device with a touch-sensitive OED display that is worn by its user. The device measures steps that have been taken, calories that have been burned, and how long the wearing party sleeps.

Also featured is a button on the top of the device that can check a wearers heart rate via their Pulse.

By using the Withings Pulse alongside other Withings products, users can gain a better understanding of their own personal health. The more gadgets Withings can add into the mix, the better it can help health conscious users track their overall health.

The Withings Pulse was shown off in January during CES 2013; however, the tracker was only shown behind a plexiglass display. With five months now passed, it appears the company has worked out many of the kinks in its software and hardware which had forced the CES display to be hidden behind a “no hands-on” display.

The best part about Withings’ new Pulse technology might be its ability to aggregate the health process even further, not only through Withings but also through the company’s 100+ partners.

Do you think Withings is moving in a positive way towards a more connected way of monitoring our health?