Aaron Hernandez Loses Endorsement Deal Following Investigation

Aaron Hernandez has reportedly lost an endorsement deal following a recent homicide investigation.

Sports nutrition company Cytosport is looking to distance itself from the NFL player after he was mentioned in regards to the recent murder of a 27-year-old Massachusetts man.

According to USA Today, Aaron Hernandez lost his endorsement deal with Cytosport on Friday. In a statement released by the nutrition company, the termination of the football player’s contract was effective immediately.

The investigation into Odin Lloyd’s death was launched after a jogger found his body in a North Attleborough industrial park on Monday. The Los Angeles Time reports Lloyd was dating Hernandez’s sister and the two men were friends.

The Bristol County district attorney said Odin Lloyd’s death was being treated as a homicide. Since the football players were seen together prior to Lloyd’s death, officers reportedly searched Hernandez’s home for clues about the murder.

Reports making the rounds on Friday suggested an arrest warrant had been issued for Aaron Hernandez. However, a county clerk told USA Today the North Attleborough Police Department wasn’t issued a warrant as of Friday afternoon.

While police are still investigating the football player’s connection to Odin Lloyd’s, it would appear the damage has already been done to Aaron Hernandez’s reputation. Following the termination of his endorsement deal with Cytosport, any mention of his name was quickly removed from the company’s website.

Aaron Hernandez hasn’t comment on the situation as of this writing. Cytosport has remained silent outside of the official press release on the subject. It’s also unclear if Hernandez will be invited back should everything blow over.

The New England Patriots have also remained tight-lipped following the police investigation into Lloyd’s murder. Spokesman Stacey James said the team will not comment publicly on the matter while authorities are still investigating the situation.

What do you think about Aaron Hernandez losing his endorsement deal with Cytosport?

[Top Image via Jeffrey Beal / Flickr]