Glen Campbell: Family Says Alzheimer’s Is ‘Robbing Him Of What He Does Best’

Glen Campbell Anxiety Depression

Country music legend Glen Campbell continues to struggle with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. His family opened up about his condition during a recent interview.

Campbell revealed he was suffering from the disease in 2011. Through it all, the musician released a new album and did one final tour. However, his family told Country Weekly the condition is starting to effect the singer on an emotional level.

Glen Campbell’s daughter Ashley said her father’s condition is “robbing him of what he does best.” She served as a member of the country legend’s touring band until the disease forced him to stop performing live.

During her conversation with Country Weekly, Campbell’s wife Kim revealed that her husband’s condition was starting to take its toll on his mental well-being. She said he often suffers from anxiety and depression because of how Alzheimer’s has affected his daily life.

“One time, he couldn’t use the television remote. He knew what it was but couldn’t figure out how to use it. And he got so agitated that he threw the remote at the television,” Kim said.

She added, “I just go day to day and try to keep him happy and healthy.”

Glen Campbell is set to release a new collection of songs in the coming weeks. See You There, which is said to be the musician’s final album, is set for release next month. According to Vintage Vinyl News, the songs were recorded during the Ghosts on the Canvas sessions.

The album contains several new versions of Campbell’s well-known songs. Surfdog Records owner Dave Kaplan said changes to the singer’s voice over the years altered how he performed the tunes.

“They were haunting and stunning and had this new intimacy in a way I hadn’t heard these songs,” Kaplan explained. See You There will be available on August 13.

You can read more about Glen Campbell and his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease in Country Weekly. The issue hits newsstands on June 24.

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