2010 Washington Redskins preview

Let us start this by saying that I don’t expect very much from this team in 2010. They are in the first year of a massive rebuilding effort, and a sea change in how they operate as a football team and organization. On top of that the Albert Haynesworth situation ahs been turned into a fiasco by Haynesworth himself. Put it like this a 47 year old ex-NFL player and current ESPN host completed the conditioning test the Redskins want Albert to pass. It is an embarrassment of the highest order that a professional athlete cannot, hurt knee or not.

So Donovan McNabb steps in to run the Redskin offense, and I don’t think we have a good read on what kind of offense it will be. Mike Shanahan as led some pretty good running offenses in his day, but I don’t know if the Skins have the personnel to do that yet. I suspect they will score a lot of points though, and make improvements on the on the field product of this team.

The defense will run a base 3-4 scheme, and that is the start of the problems with Haynesworth. He does not want to be a nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme and is not athletic enough to play end. It is a no win situation. I don’t know who will lead the defense with the absence of Haynesworth or if he has lost his teammates over all this nonsense. Brian Orakpo is a likely candidate, but this defensive unit needs a lot of work.

The Special Teams unit of this team also ahs a lot of questions. Punt and kick returner position battles will take place over their training camp. This team also faces a position battle at kicker, with only Punter Josh Bidwell having secured one of the four specialist jobs on this team.

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