Amanda Bynes Isn’t Collaborating With Wyclef Jean After All

Amanda Bynes Album

Amanda Bynes isn’t working with Wyclef Jean on some new music after all.

A series of rumors suggested the troubled actress would be teaming up with the former Fugees member for a song or two. Although these reports sounded questionable, some believed the acclaimed musician was giving Bynes a hand on her new career.

If you were hoping Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean would deliver one of the best songs of the year, then your day is about to get a little darker. According to TMZ, a representative for the rapper denied the pair were joining forces for a new musical endeavor.

Is Wyclef even considering a collaboration with Bynes? The musician’s rep insisted he isn’t planning to work with the former What I Like About You star on anything. In short, reports about their project were nothing more than baseless rumors. I can’t say I’m overly surprised.

Although the musician and the actress won’t be working together anytime soon, apparently Amanda Bynes’ record deal is legitimate. The New York Daily News reports New York-based label Chinga Chang Records is serious about signing her. All she has to do is accept.

The website also explains CEO Daniel Herman tried his best to set up a meeting between Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean. Despite his best efforts, it would appear the rapper has absolutely no interest in helping the actress get her music career up and running.

“Linking the two of them will be something major. She’s phenomenal, and that’s the crazy thing about this,” Herman said. He added that Jean was “receptive” to talks, though it would appear talks have since fallen apart.

Will the Easy A star’s album ever come to fruition? This still remains to be seen. However, the actress herself tweeted last week that she received a much better offer from a bigger record label.

“I never spoke to anyone at Chinga Chang Records. I got an offer for a bigger record deal that I’m taking as soon I get my surgeries!” she explained.

What do you think about Amanda Bynes and her plans to take the music industry by storm? Are you disappointed she won’t be collaborating with Wyclef Jean?

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