Maddy Blythe Had The Bible Cited To Her, Stopped Her Playing Football

Maddy Blythe, a 12-year-old football player, has been thrown off the Henry County’s team because of her sex. Furthermore, the Strong Rock Christian School pupil was cited a reading from the Bible to reinforce the point.

According to Maddy and her mother, the school’s CEO said that, due to the fact that boys have “lustful thoughts” and use bad language, it would be better if Maddy didn’t play as part of the football team:

“That men and women are created equal but different, and he said that he prayed about it and it was the wrong thing to do,”

Whether you’re religious or not, this move by the school could be seen as a bad choice when you consider that even some Saudi Arabian school’s allow their female students to play sports.

Although the school seems insistent that Maddy Blythe stops playing football, the pre-teen seems to have had nothing other than praise for her skills during matches:

“The entire crowd thought it was one of their boys, and when they saw my number and looked at the roster and saw it was me, standing ovation right there,”

Furthermore, despite Maddy’s mom having worries about her daughter “holding her own”, she soon realized that Maddy could handle the game just as good as any other player.

Due to this apparent ease when playing, Mrs. Blythe commented that her daughter had “big dreams” about getting a scholarship and becoming the first female college football player.

However, it would seem that all those plans have come to an end, or at least have been halted, due to the school’s recent decision.


That being said, the Strong Rock Christian School might start to feel differently if the Facebook page, Let Her Play, continues to have people showing their support for all female athletes who have been stopped from doing what they enjoy.

Their argument to let women play the sports they love seems to have a lot of weight when you consider that individuals, such as Ronda Rousey, are helping to change the sports scene.

Even if you don’t agree with Maddy Blythe’s participation in football, there can be no qualms about her dedication and passion for the sport. It might be good to watch this space to see whether the 12-year-old can reclaim her team place and keep working towards those big ambitions.


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