Justin Bieber Marks First Show Back With Instagram Video, Shirtless Naturally

Moments after Justin Bieber's first returning show to his Believe world tour in San Diego last night, a reportedly dazzling affair, the 19-year-old marked the occasion with an Instagram video.

Less controversial than the first, it nevertheless delighted his fans.

Titled "Youuuu!!!" and barely 13 seconds long, Bieber's post-stage, 'sex-god' hair takes a starring role.

Opening with a faux, "Oh, I didn't see you there," the "Baby" singer then said:

"Just got offstage, my first show back. San Diego was great, off to the next city. Yeah. Youuuu!!"

It was short, teenage, and to the point. No doubt there'll be lots more of these to come from the Biebs, who seems particularly taken with Instagram's new video feature, as he declared in his first upload.

Speaking of which, the pop prince has already continued his habit of setting social media --- and otherwise --- records.

Bieber posted his first 15 second giggle-fest Instagram video on Thursday, June 20.

Less than 48 hours later, he set the record as the first Instagram user to hit the one million 'Likes' milestone.

Instagram owner Facebook confirmed Bieber's achievement to Mashable.

For those who may not know or care, the pop prince's first Instagram video was something of a talking point.

In that clip, a shirtless Bieber began, saying: "So crazy news, just …"

Seconds later he giggles and tries again, without a break in filming.

"Crazy news guys. There's video on Instagram," he finished, before laughing again.

It was actually a really teenage, fun moment that, for reasons expressed here and here, has been morphed into some sort of brink-of-rehab debate without firm basis.

But that's how it goes when your celebrity --- and notoriety --- heads north of Über. It's reductionist reporting, tabloid in intent and all the rest of it. But such is the methodology, or is that pathology, of the entertainment news industrial complex. It is what it is.

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? If so, which of his Instagram videos is your favorite so far?

Justin Bieber Back On Tour And Back On instagram Video
[Image via Styleist]