Whataburger celebrates its 60th birthday with free burgers

If you’re a fan of the burger chain Whataburger, like wearing orange, and your dance card is open for tonight, you’re in luck.

The brand’s few hundred mostly Southern locations are celebrating the chain’s 60th birthday this week. In honor of that, stores are giving away one free Whataburger to everyone who comes into a Whataburger location tonight wearing orange and between the hours of 5pm and 8pm.

That will probably delight most customers this evening, but the chain is launching a promotion tomorrow (August 4th) wherein they are looking for the world’s biggest Whataburger fan:

Because Whataburger has inspired generations of fanatical fans, the company will also search for its biggest Whataburger fan with an online contest that begins August 4. Customers can submit pictures and essays or videos to show their love for Whataburger for a chance to win 60 years of free Whataburger, a trip to the Whataburger convention in Dallas, TX and other cool prizes.

Whataburger locations can be found in ten states.