July 7, 2014
Madonna's Lip Lock Journey Continues

Wasn't that first infamous Britney kiss enough for Madonna? I thought that the midlife crisis was over and that she had gone back to faking her accent, sculpting those guns and complaining about being in the public eye. It looks like the personal marketing plan of late is to mack on a young hopeful and pray that some of it rubs off. She's like an Elizabeth Bathory of the 21st century, pop-style, without the violence but with all the lust for youth.

It's obvious that Madonna is hunting for some change, but this probably isn't the way to go. It has been reported that she's also getting ready to sell her house in Wiltshire (of the infamous pigeon-shooting-slash-fox-hunting) and probably has a bunch of other new plans up her (bulging) sleeve.

There's just one little things that she can't change, and that's turning 50 in August. As long as she gets someone else to throw her a party, she can drown out the painful memory of being repetitive.