Rdio hits the US and Canada – slick but bargain bin time

This really won’t matter to anyone outside of the U.S. and Canada but new streaming music entrant Rdio finally went public as you may have been able to tell from the flurry of posts about it late last night.

Now I will say that having signed up for their 4 Day trial period the site is pretty slick and everything works really well. The only problem is that in the Canadian version of the site the music selection reminds me of the old Ktel and Pickwick record bargain bins.

Actually let me correct that that – it’s worse. At least the majority of the time you could fine some real keepers in the Ktel bins not so with Rdio. I realize that my musical tastes might not be all that main stream but I figure that a little Paul Oakenfold, Enigma, or even a little Lady Gaga (go hate somewhere else) would be somewhere in the line-up.

Instead this is what we are being served up as new releases

Or how about this awesome selection


Originally I had figured that the $5.00 a month for a streaming music service would be a pretty good deal but after looking through their current selection I think I’ll be saving my money for something else.

As I said this could be a totally different experience than what U.S. subscribers are getting for their money; which wouldn’t surprise me at all.