October 25, 2017
Justin Bieber: Calabasas Crisis Meet Called After Rappers Caught Speeding [Video]




Justin Bieber's Calabasas, Calif., neighbors are reportedly gathering at an emergency homeowner's association meeting on Monday to discuss the behavior of the pop star and friends who regularly stay at his house.

This development comes after deputies from the Lost Hills Sheriff's Department, a branch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, visited The Oaks gated community where Bieber lives to speak to residents on Friday in response to calls reporting alleged reckless driving in and around the compound.

As well as previous alleged instances of reckless driving and non-observation of the area's 25 mph speed limit by Bieber and his friends --- who frequently drive the singer's high performance cars --- a recent incident involving rappers Lil Twist and Lil Za has enraged the neighbors.

TMZ obtained video footage shot by a female Calabasas resident on Thursday that appears to show the rappers speeding past her in two of Bieber's vehicles.

The woman followed the cars — a black Range Rover and a white Ferrari — to the security gate just outside The Oaks enclave.

An angry exchange took place between Lil Za, who was driving the Range Rover, and the woman after she replied "for speeding" to his query as to why she was filming them.

“As a resident, I should be able to open my gate,” Lil Za replied.





“You’re not a resident, you’re not a resident. Where do you live?” the woman said, as Lil Za then got out of the Range Rover and approached her car.

“I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do,” the rapper told the woman.

The verbal altercation was capped by Lil Za yelling at the woman, “F_k you. Get the f_k out of here.”

It should be noted Bieber was not in Calabasas when this incident occurred. He was in Miami to watch the Game 7 NBA final between Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.

According to E!, the Monday meeting is a result of rising tension in the exclusive neighborhood with residents now demanding decisive action.

"It has been escalating for the past six months, he [Bieber] has begun to flip over to a really dark side. It's aggressive, reckless behaviour," a local told E! News. "They have sent him warnings. He's out of control. Everyone has a Bieber white Ferrari story ... God forbid someone gets hurt by that car. He just feels like he is above the law."

The pop star is presently under investigation by L.A. authorities after initially two witnesses claimed to have seen him racing his Ferrari in the Calabasas neighborhood over Memorial Day Weekend.

However, a security video turned over to police by Bieber's legal team clearly showed that one of the witnesses --- ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson, who had followed the Ferrari to the singer's home --- only saw the teen star behind the wheel when he was parking his car in his garage.

The video showed Bieber following behind the Ferrari on his motorcycle while the car was driven by his friend, rapper Tyler, The Creator, who also publicly admitted he had been driving.

Bieber's lawyers say the "Baby" singer only got into the driver's seat of his Ferrari to park it once they had arrived at his house. The video verifies Johnson only saw the Canadian in the driver's seat at that point on the day in question.

As a result, it has now been reported that the L.A. District's Office, who are currently reviewing the case, are unlikely to charge Bieber as only one witness can now claim to have seen him driving on the roads, and the weight of evidence strongly indicates that witness was mistaken.

Other issues on the Monday meeting agenda reportedly include parties allegedly held at Bieber's house at anti-social times, and sometimes when the singer is not present, and guests parking their cars on the road overnight.

Bieber is set to perform at San Diego's Valley View Casino Center tonight in his first returning show on his Believe world tour.



Justin Bieber's Neighbors Want Homeowner's Association To Take Action Over Bad Behavior

[Image via Daily Record]