Pork Assault: Man Accuses Mom Of Poison By Pork, Knife Fight Breaks Out

Elaine Radford

A so-called poison pork assault has landed an Elk County, Pennsylvania man in jail to face charges of making terroristic threats and simple assault.

CBS Pittsburgh reported that 25-year-old Joshua Coffey attacked his mother Sherri Coffey and her friend Mark Blair on June 11. They were supposedly eating a steak dinner together when Joshua more or less wigged out and decided that he had been served pork.

Joshua Coffey is a Muslim and not allowed to eat pork.

He reportedly became enraged over the so-called poison pork chops and attacked the couple with a 10-inch kitchen knife. His mother climbed out a window and onto a roof.

However, an extended report at The Smoking Gun crime website said that Joshua Coffey had a knife at Blair's throat at one point before the police arrived. The police report alleges that Joshua Coffey threatened to kill Blair if his mother called the police for help.

Eventually, the City of St. Mary's Police Department officers arrived on the scene. They were able to talk Coffey into dropping the knife so that they could arrest him without further mayhem.

But the poison pork assault fiasco means that Joshua Coffey now faces a July 2 preliminary hearing on the two misdemeanor charges related to the knife threat against his mother and her friend.

So was the disputed dinner in fact pork? The Smoking Gun has a copy of the police report, which called the dinner "a steak entree."

But I don't think anybody's going to call out a CSI unit to perform forensic testing on some dinner meat over a misdemeanor dispute. So it's quite likely that we'll never know for sure.

While I feel for the guy if his mother tried to slip him something against his religion, getting wild and crazy with a knife wasn't the way to handle the situation.

What are your thoughts on the poison pork assault?

[pork chop photo by Penny via Flickr and Wikimedia]