No Mustache Mario And Luigi: An Unusual New Look

No Mustache Mario And Luigi: An Unusual New Look

Although not many of us will have ever wondered what a no mustache Mario and Luigi would look like, a Reddit poster has kindly provided us with a link to a picture in case we ever do get curious.

The move to show the world what the pair could look like has probably reminded readers about the alternate perspective we got of Barbie not so long ago, courtesy of Reddit.

This latest picture was submitted by _alphabot_, who lovingly captioned the picture “This makes me really uncomfortable.”

Despite the fact that the unusual depiction was uploaded only 19 hours ago, the Reddit community has proceeded to enjoy the picture, and even make it more disturbing by removing Mario and Luigi’s eyebrows and hair.

Even though we don’t want to pass judgement on the characters new looks, they are rather striking to say the least.

This would indeed seem to be the general response to the no mustache Mario and Luigi, with users flocking to their computers and commenting from horror and shock to even questioning whether science has gone too far.

In addition to the mixed reactions to the new makeover for the Nintendo duo, Reddit invented a potential new game idea completely based on the characters losing their infamous mustaches. A poster, nermid, had this suggestion:

“A game where Mario’s mustache is stolen and he must travel the whole game trying to get it back, possibly while wearing silly masks to hide his shame, would be pretty awesome.”

To which another poster, bubbalabuster, added that the game could involve Mario and Luigi coming across lots of other mustaches that, while they have powers to help them get to the next stage, none of the mustaches fit.

Sadly though, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will ever listen to these ideas, not just because they’ll probably never see it, but also because they have a long list of titles already announced. Nonetheless, the idea is still pretty awesome.

After all, stranger things have probably happened than releasing a game solely about finding the right mustache. Though when you say the idea out load, it does sound a little too abstract and different to hold much credibility.

All potential gaming ideas aside, the no mustache Mario and Luigi are definitely a reason to pause and do a double take as you browse the web.


[Image via Reddit]