George Clooney Has A Thing For Fresh Socks

The movie star regularly cleans his old socks and gives them to a homeless shelter.

George Clooney is one of the most successful move stars in the world today, but there’s another side to the popular actor that is somewhat odd and hilarious at the same time. Considerably every woman’s dream man, Clooney has a thing for getting rid of his socks after wearing them just once.

The 52-year-old star has always been known for his classy fashion sense, but it’s a new revelation that he’s all about wearing a brand new pair of socks each and every day.

“George has his dirty socks washed and then donates them to a homeless shelter,” a source recently told OK Magazine. “He just has a thing about wearing the same pair twice.”

One and done Mr. Clooney? Seems pretty ridiculous for anyone in today’s society, but the infamous actor isn’t your average person in the slightest bit. His thing for fresh socks does have its benefits as the source revealed that he donates his old socks to a homeless shelter.

George Clooney is currently dating ex-WWE wrestler Stacie Kiebler, though it’s been rumored that he was recently spotted holding hands with model Monika Jakisic. With or without the rumors, there’s no telling how Kiebler feels about her man’s fresh socks obsession.

Clooney is still one of the most appreciated actors in the business, so any sort of backlash about his fresh socks won’t last long. Nevertheless, he’s currently staying focused on his work as his science-fiction flick, Tomorrowland, which recently had it’s release date pushed forward a week from December 19, 2014 to December 12, 2014.

A week doesn’t seem like that much of a change, but in the movie business a release date can make all the difference. Outside of the changes to Tomorrowland, he is also starring in the upcoming film Gravity next to Sandra Bullock. The science-fiction thriller is about astronauts who make an attempt to return to Earth after their space shuttle is hit by debris.

Do you think George Clooney will always be a fan favorite no matter how unusual his life can be at times?