Arnold Schwarzenegger To Get Own Zombie Movie [Op-Ed]

Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting his own zombie movie.

For a man who started his career as a body builder, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have done it all. “Ahnold” has taken on killer cyborgs, Martian businessmen, alien predators, terrorists, and even the devil himself. He's been a secret agent, a parody action star, a pregnant man, and the real-life Governor of California. He and Sylvester Stallone even traded inside jokes in their movies.

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to play the role of a father who's helping his daughter cope with being a zombie.

Yes, I just said that in all seriousness. I'm hoping this is a comedy, because otherwise this could go wrong so many ways, and even the man with the muscles can't save a movie with such a ridiculous premise. His daughter has been bitten, and instead of being the guy fighting them off, “Ahnold” is playing the nursemaid.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter was originally slated to be Chloe Grace-Moretz, but the Kick-Ass actress dropped out of the casting due to scheduling conflicts. That or she heard the premise of the movie and couldn't stop laughing.

Maggie is the working title of this upcoming zombie movie, most likely named after the daughter.

It is unknown just how seriously director Henry Hobson is planning to take Maggie as a film, but his previous achievements have been mostly commercials.

Arnold Schwarnegger zombie movie meme
Arnold Schwarnegger makes a zombie movie

I can think of another instance where a commercial director tried to get into film-making. It's a corny little remake of the TV series known as Charlie's Angels. McG, who sounds more like something you'd order at a fast food drive-through, went straight from commercials and music videos to full-length feature films to bring Crispin Glover, Bill Murray, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu together for one of the silliest films ever made. And a sequel.

I hope Henry Hobson is planning to get Danny DeVito involved in the making of Maggie, because I don't think anyone can read the premise of the film and take it seriously. At least Arnold Schwarzenegger has worked with Danny DeVito on ridiculous films before.

What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger making a zombie movie? Does the premise of Maggie make you hope it's a comedy?

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