Coffitivity Can Help Boost Creativity By Playing Ambient Coffee Shop Sounds

Coffitivity Can Help Boost Creativity By Playing Ambient Coffee Shop Sounds

A website called Coffivity, which is in its BETA stage, can apparently help boost creativity with soothing ambient coffee shop sounds.

According to research into work productivity, a quiet workspace isn’t very conductive for you to get creative, though nor is an incredibly loud and distracting workplace. However, a mix of “calm and commotion” can actually help to get the creative juices flowing.

This certainly sounds like a more plausible way to achieve increased energy and creativity, unlike the Bulletproof Coffee fad that is becoming a popular food and drink trend to participate in.

Not only does the Coffivity website deliver you an inspirational experience, but they also let you look at the research for yourself, meaning that you actually have a detailed reason behind why the site works.

That being said, not many people want to have to leave the comfort of their own home, or the office, to get inspiration. Even though we all love our coffee, and we know that we can feel less guilty about that fact, it doesn’t mean we always want to drink out to feel its benefits.

Therefore this website brings the coffee shop to you by allowing you to plug into the creative boosting sounds without having to actually be situated in the coffee shop environment.

The sounds they provide are very realistic – mixed in with the background chatter you have clinking cups and the general hum of the place.

It sounds so close to reality that, if you close your eyes, you can believe you’re sitting in your local cafe; however, shutting your eyes while working might not be such a good idea.

To try it out for yourself, you just need to visit the site and plug in your own music while Coffivity does the rest; however, it’s important to try and take the advice offered on the website and set your own sounds only slighter louder than theirs. This is because, if your music is louder than the other, it will likely have a negative effect on the ambience you’re trying to recreate.

If you haven’t already tried Coffivity, or maybe you’re just skeptical about whether it actually works, why not give it a go the next time you need an inspirational boost during work hours? It doesn’t cost you anything so there’s nothing to lose out on by giving it a go.


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