Kendall Jenner On New Niece North West: ‘It’s So Much Fun For Me’

Kendall Jenner is excited about her new niece North West, the baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and she’s recently spoke out about the newborn. The 17-year-old doesn’t have much to say about the odd name choice, but it has been reported that she’s been taking the time to get acquainted with the newest family member.

“I love kids, so it’s so much fun for me,” she told Us Weekly. “I bought a little pig for the newborn. They’re all doing great, everyone’s good.”

With stories running all over the web that have made North West the most popular baby within days of its birth, the family isn’t going to let anything get in the way. Kim has even taken the time to give Jenner some modelling pointers through her pregnancy.

“Kim always says [to] tilt your jaw down and suck in your teeth to give you a flattering angle,” Jenner added. “My family know what I want to do and they’ve been supporting me in every way.”

Kendall Jenner is an aspiring model and she’s even become a brand ambassador for Seventeen Magazine. Her career is surely on the rise, and unlike other family members, she’s kept particularly quiet about her success up to this point.

Maybe Kanye West could learn from Jenner, but either way it seems there’s no stopping the “power family” that is the Kardashians. The majority of their success has come from their hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but as Jenner gets older she’s beginning to embark on her own career outside the family.

Fashion is certainly going to be Kendall’s way to the top, though she’s practically been there her whole life with all the media attention. Names go a long way and at this point in time being apart of the Kardashians will bring you instant fame.

From making public appearances to strutting her stuff down a runway, do you believe Kendall Jenner is taking the right steps to become the next big thing in fashion?

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