Jim Carrey Set To Reunite With Jeff Daniels In ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Sequel

Jim Carrey has a bevy of films coming out soon, including 'Kick Ass 2.'

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels practically reinvented comedy almost 20 years ago when they worked together on the original Dumb and Dumber. Now the comedy duo is set to reunite for a sequel after Universal Pictures acquired the domestic distribution rights.

Originally, Warner Bros. dropped out which threatened to keep the movie from ever being made, but with Universal now on board Carrey and Daniels can return to the big screen together.The film will be called Dumb and Dumber To, and the 58-year-old Daniels spoke out about the long process it took to get the sequel back up and running.

“Jim has been against all sequels, and you know, understandably so. … But he turned 50 and that will mellow you out, and suddenly he’s going, ‘Let’s have some fun. … Come on,’ and we’re going, ‘Great,’ and so the Farrellys said, ‘This isn’t a money grab,” Daniels said in an interview on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. “Let’s really write a great second movie that takes the original and then blows it up even further, and so I think they did that.”

Jim Carrey originally approached directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly around two years ago to talk about doing the sequel, according to Daniels.

“It’s taken two years to get the studios and all that stuff worked out,” Daniels added. “The easiest thing to say in Hollywood is ‘no.’ You keep your job if you say ‘no.’ If you say ‘yes’ and you’re not right, you lose your job.There’s a lot of ‘no.’ And we had a lot of ‘no’ for two years and finally ‘yes,’ it’s comin’ around, and I think it’s got a chance to be I hope better than the first one.”

Carrey hasn’t said much about the sequel, and rightfully so, as he almost backed out completely last year when Warner Bros. decided it wasn’t for them.

“I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer,” he said in a statement. “After all, it’s implied in the title.”

Now the movie is back in place and fans around the United States couldn’t be happier. The comedy duo’s original film inspired many of the top comedic actors on the big screen today and with more on the way there’s no telling how big it can get.

Do you think Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey will pull out all the stops for Dumb and Dumber To?