Couple Celebrates 70 Years Of Marriage

Ray and Louise Horst recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, and they are still as inseparable as when they first met.

The couple live in Frederick, Maryland, and to mark their achievement they celebrated their anniversary at their retirement community. Staff members and residents of the Country Meadows of Frederick surprised the pair with a cake and a champagne toast.

Their son, Rodger Horst, told the News Post, “My parents are amazing people. They showed my sister and I how to live a good life and how to get through troubles.”

The Horsts originally met and fell in love when they worked together at St. Louis making ammunition for World Ward II. Ray was then drafted and sent to California, but that didn’t stop the pair from getting together, with Louise following him.

They went on to marry at a chapel in Riverside, California, on June 19, 1943, and have stayed together through thick and thin ever since. Their wedding party consisted of two friends who were also in the Armed services, who served as their witnesses.

Patricia Cole, their daughter, stated, “They’ve both made the whole world a different place. If we had to have picked, we wouldn’t have picked anybody else.” Talking about their wedding day, she said, “The day they got married, the had grilled cheese sandwiches.”

Ray Horst, who is now 90, joked on his anniversary, “We work on it, but I don’t think we will make it another 70.” He also added, “When we made it 69 years, we thought that was good … now we are at 70.”


Louise stated about their surprise party, “Oh, it’s wonderful. I never expected anything like this,” whilst adding that they had no idea the soiree was going to take place.

The Horsts have two children, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Could you be married to the same person for 70 years?

[Image via CHAIWATPHOTOS/Shutterstock]