5.2 Earthquake Hits Italy, Minor Damage Reported

Earthquake In Italy No Casualties

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck Italy on Friday, causing some minor damage in Casola in Liguana. The tremors were felt across central and northern Italy.

The quake hit around 12:33 pm local time and its epicenter was between the towns of Massa and Lucca in Tuscany and La Spezia in the Liguria region, according to the national geophysics institute.

The mayor of Casola, located in the Tuscan countryside, explained that the earthquake caused some cracks in old buildings, along with minor collapses. However, no injuries were reported.

The quake was felt in Milan, northern Italy’s largest city. It was also felt as far north as the Friuli region near Italy’s border with Slovenia. Verona and Florence residents also reported some shaking. The radius of the earthquake’s impact was over 100 miles.

Aftershocks also struck in the area, some of which were measured at magnitude 4.0. Officials cautioned residents in some rural areas to stay out of their homes until the aftershocks calmed down.

In Carrara, near the quake’s epicenter, some residents left their houses in fear, despite no immediate signs of damage. The fear stems from an earthquake in May 2012, which registered a 6.0 on the Richter scale.

Despite being a relatively moderate earthquake compared to others, last year’s tremors killed 20 people and destroyed several historic buildings. It also caused damage to several local industries.

Television footage of the quake showed Reggio Emilia city hall’s interior shaking as Josefa Idem, Italy’s equal opportunity and sports minister, was speaking. The event was postponed while the building evacuated. The state railway also shut down some local lines to make sure there was no damage from the quake.

The fear was understandable for residents, considering Friday’s earthquake was the first major one felt in Italy since May 2012. Unlike the 6.0 quake, there have been no reports of casualties, despite the minor damage.

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