Wes Welker Shows Off Hair Transplant To Combat Receding Hairline

Wes Welker Gets Hair Transplant To Combat Receding Hairline

Wes Welker had a quick surgical procedure last year to take care of a nagging issue — his receding hairline.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver got a hair transplant last year, reversing his plunge toward male pattern baldness and instead giving him a full, bushy head of hair. To get the procedure, Welker went to the Rhode Island office of Dr. Robert Leonard (who is something like the Dr. James Andrews of hair surgery procedures).

The strangest part may be that Wes Welker isn’t ashamed to talk about his hair transplant, though he does sound a bit like a testimonial in a late-night infomercial.

“[The growth] doesn’t happen right away,” Welker told For The Win. “You start to see a little bit after two or three months and in six months you get to see a little more. Once you get up to a year you’re really starting to see the difference. It takes a full 18 months till it’s fully grown in.”

It seems that Wes Welker is actually quite proud of his new head of hair.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said. “If you want to have hair, have hair. I don’t like to sit there and say ‘What are you talking about? I never got my hair done.” People can notice it without wondering.”

After last season Welker signed with the Denver Broncos in a two year deal is worth $12 million, adding another target for quarterback Peyton Manning. In 2012 with the New England Patriots, Wes Welker caught 118 passes for 1,354 yards, the second highest total of his career. Two years ago Welker notched 1,569 yards.

Welker now plays for one of the main teams challenging the Patriots for the AFC title, though New England quarterback Tom Brady said he wasn’t surprised to see Welker go with the way free agency has become.

Though he has now bolted the Patriots, Wes Welker can still compare his hair transplant with good friend Tom Brady, himself known for his great hair.

You can judge Wes Welker’s hair transplant for yourself in these before-and-after pictures.