2-Year-Old Chinese Girl Falls From Fifth Floor, Caught By Delivery Men [Video]

A two-year old girl was saved after she fell from a fifth-floor window and was caught by a group of motorcycle couriers who had noticed her dangling from the window’s ledge.

Around five driver were taking a break just before 11 am in the Geshuiyang village of Ninghai County, in east China’s Zhejiang Province, when they heard the little girl crying whilst she was sat on the fifth-floor window ledge.

It is believed that the infant girl had woken up from her sleep, climbed out onto the window sill, still disorientated, and then fallen due to her fear.

Each of the couriers immediately noticed her and then dashed over to stand under the window ledge. They were talking about how they could save her when all of a sudden she fell, which forced the men into action.

The men then all clambered together to soften her fall, and even though the girl does slip through their hands and hit the fall they were able to reduce the speed at which she was falling. The girl was able to stand after the incident which showed that she had survived the ordeal.

She suffered a bruised eye, and two of the couriers were injured, one on the neck and one on the arm. They admitted that they simply saved the girl out of instinct.

Lou Guobing, stated, “I didn’t think much, I just went up to save her when the child dropped.” The girl’s parents revealed that they had gone out to buy some medicine whilst their daughter was asleep, and that they didn’t expect the girl to wake up and then climb out of the window.

The girl’s father, Xue, stated, “She fell asleep in my wife’s arms. Then we went to the nearby pharmacy. It was such a short while, as I said we’d return quickly.”

You can watch a video of the ordeal above.