Nelson Mandela ‘Unresponsive And Has Not Opened His Eyes For Days’

Nelson Mandela reportedly hasn’t opened his eyes for days and has been unresponsive to treatment after spending two weeks in hospital fight a recurring lung infection.

The 94-year-old’s health was thought to have been improving, but a new source has revealed that both Mr. Mandela’s liver and kidney functions are struggling and are down to 50 percent. They then also stated that he hasn’t opened his eyes for days too.

Mr. Mandela has also been operated on recently, once to insert a tube into his body, and the other to repair a bleeding ulcer. South African officials have yet to report on these issues, and it sounds as if Mr. Mandela’s situation is becoming more and more grave.

Last week Jacob Zuma, the South African president, stated about Mr. Mandela, “We are very happy with the progress that he is now making following a difficult few days.” A government spokesman then added that Mr. Mandela was in a “serious byt stable” condition.


Ndaba Mandela, Nelson’s grandson, told the South African paper, The Star, that they hoped he would be discharged soon. “Positively we can say that he has been getting better and better each day and hopefully he’ll be coming home soon,” stated Mandela.

CBS News has also stated that Mr. Mandela suffered a cardiac arrest on the night he was taken into hospital, and was resuscitated, whilst they also added that the ambulance which took him to the hospital suffered an engine failure along the way, and they were forced to wait over 40 minutes for a replacement.

Mr. Mandela’s condition was also hampered when he was transfered in winter conditions to another ambulance. South African government officials stated “great care was taken to ensure that Mandela’s health was not compromised and that his doctors were satisfied the former president suffered no harm.”