140 Pound Testicles Man Now Has 1 Inch Penis After Operation

Wesley Warren Jnr is furious after an operation to remove his 140 testicles reduced the size of his penis to just one inch.

Wesley decided to go through the 13-hour procedure because he was forced to wear a hoodie to support his testicles, was unable to have sex, and was in horrible pain from carrying such a heavy load.

However, Wesley has now revealed that he fears he will be unable to ever have a relationship with a woman, because he is so embarrassed by the size of his penis.

He told The Sun, “I know the majority of people are probably expecting me to express extreme happiness and glee that my life has been transformed since the sac has been removed – but it’s not as simple as that.”

Warren then added, “I do feel a great sense of comfort that the weight is no longer between my legs. It got to the point that it was a danger to my health. But when I look down at what’s here now it’s not the same as what it was. It’s totally different.”


He also went on to state, “My natural look prior to the growth is not what came out of surgery. What came out of surgery is a nub an inch long and it doesn’t get any larger. I’m grateful to have been pulled out of the fire, I was getting burned, but now I’m dealing with the first degree burns. I’m still disfigured.”

Warren admitted, “I can’t even think about getting into a relationship. It would take someone very patient or very insane to want to have me in their life.”

Warren Wesley began to suffer from the embarrassing illness in June 2008, after he squashed his genitals whilst in his sleep. After being prescribed antibiotics to reduce the injury, his testicles wouldn’t stop growing.

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