Woman Thrown Off Cliff After Wife Catches Husband Cheating [Video]

A woman was thrown off a cliff by her romantic rival in Peru and it was all caught on video.

But don’t worry, you’re not about to watch someone falling to their death. According to CBS, the woman who was thrown off the cliff only fell about 20 feet. She survived the fall but did suffer some cuts and bruises.

DNA India reports that a surveillance camera captured a lovers squabble in Arequipa, Peru. The website reports that Lissette Lupo Mamani caught her husband, Renzo Zanabria Huanca,on a date with another woman, Sandra Bruna Morales.

Lissette confronts her husband about his affair and when she finishes yelling at him she starts to fight Sandra. Renzo, the chivalrous fellow that he is, walks away from the confrontation as his wife drags Sandra across the ground.

Lissette than throws the other woman off of the cliff.

Renzo admitted to cheating on his wife to America TV but Sandra denies that she was involved with the man. Sandra said that Renzo was harassing her and that she was not romantically involved with him.

Here’s the video of the woman getting thrown off the cliff.

What do you think the most shocking part of this video is? Is it that Rezno was allegedly having an affair? That Lissette pushed his lover off a cliff? Or is that Rezno just walks away and lets his wife attempt to murder someone?