Bulletproof Coffee: Can Burn Fat And Make Your Smarter

There is a new  trend that is taking the food and dining world by storm and it’s called Bulletproof Coffee. This type of coffee is meant to give your regular cup of joe an added kick and help you keep those energy levels up throughout the day, not to mention it’s also reported to have fat burning qualities.

What is this wonder drink you ask? Well, it’s actually coffee with butter in it.

Although it might sound impossible to get all those health benefits from “butter coffee”, the man behind the brand, David Asprey, claims that his coffee has a vast range of positive effects that “supercharge” your brain functions and help shed those extra pounds.

This latest fad is steadily gaining popularity, especially amongst “paleo” dieters. For anyone who doesn’t follow food fads simply refers to a “caveman-type eating style” that is all about consuming animal proteins and fats.

Therefore, all you have to do to fit in with this style of dining and drinking is to add some grass-fed butter and some MCT (which for you and me is a coconut-palm oil blend) into your hot beverage.

Apparently the added butter in Bulletproof Coffee makes a person feel full after drinking, which is probably why its claimed to help lose weight.

However, when you consider that the extra ingredient can add another 100 – 200 calories into your drink, depending on how much butter you have, it might make you slightly skeptical about trying it for yourself.

But before that puts you off, don’t forget the recent study that said you didn’t need to feel guilty about all that coffee you drink, so maybe this “butter coffee” isn’t so bad after all.

Moreover, anything has got to be better than the man who claimed that beer was his coffee and proceeded to DUI for the ninth time; at least this drink shouldn’t do that.

That being said, most things that sound too good to be true normally are, so you might want to just read about this trend and not ingest it.

Whatever you think and feel about Bulletproof Coffee, it’s probably a case of don’t knock it until you try it, though for me the the whole thing sounds a little too weird for my tastes.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]