Shep Smith Tears Into FBI Deputy Director For ‘Misspeaking’ On NSA Scandal

Fox News anchor Shep Smith has a bone to pick with the FBI over the NSA’s surveillance programs.

Though Smith is usually regarded as the bastion for the Fox News line of “fair and balanced” reporting, generally unwilling and disinterested in adding his own personal slant to hard news reporting, he broke character and ripped FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce for “misspeaking” earlier this week during a discussion of the NSA scandal before the House Intelligence Committee.

Joyce said that the NSA surveillance programs were helping to thwart terrorist attacks, including the recently revealed plan to attack the New York Stock Exchange.

When he was asked if that plot was serious, Joyce said “I think the jury considered it serious since they were all convicted.”

According to NBC, there wasn’t a jury trial since the suspects pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Smith took issue with the “misspeaking” and told the American people to pay attention:

“He ‘misspoke’ on the centerpiece of the argument?” Shep said. “The one example of the 50 that they’re holding up for the nation [to explain], ‘This is why we collect this data!’ And he misspoke? At the very fundamental level?.. When is enough going to be enough?”

Later, Smith argued that the House Intelligence Committee weren’t doing their jobs.


“This is the people who represent us… are asking questions and not demanding the correct answers… and those who are testifying before our representatives are telling untruths and it’s just kind of all, ‘Well, we misspoke.'”

Smith has shared his own perspective on contentious issues in the past. In 2009, Smith condemned torture in a gripping exchange:

“We are America, we don’t torture! And the moment that is not the case, I want off the train! This government is of, by, and for the people — that means it’s mine. That means — I’m not saying what is torture, and what is not torture, but I’m saying, whatever it is, you don’t do it for me! I want off the train when the government starts — I want off, next stop, now!”

You can check out a video of Shep Smith blasting the FBI over the NSA’s surveillance programs here.