Oh, Mika: ‘Morning Joe’ Host Admits She ‘Didn’t Know’ Who Russell Brand Was [Video]


This week marked a new low for MSNBC after comedian Russell Brand appeared on Morning Joe in what ended up being a pretty awkward, rude, and unprofessional interview. No, we don’t mean shock comedian Brand. It was the Morning Joe hosts acting like heels.

As we reported earlier, Brand was on Morning Joe to promote his Messiah Complex comedy tour, but quickly became the subject of the hosts’ lollygagging. Mika Brzezinski, Katty Kay and Brian Shactman mostly seemed to joke amongst themselves and pay little regard to Brand, unless they were making a joke at his expense.

For his part, Brand finished the interview like a perfect gentleman. He did mock the hosts for talking over him and acting as though he wasn’t there, and the whole thing was pretty much seen as a win for Brand and his tour, no thanks to Morning Joe.

On Friday, Brzezinski spoke out about Brand’s appearance on the program earlier that week, and said that she had never gotten more negative feedback in her life than for that interview.

She apologized for her behavior, and made a pretty cringe-worthy admission:

“I didn’t know Russell,” Brzezinski said. “I don’t think Russell liked that.”

“I have never gotten more vitriol and anger and hatred than I have over this,” she added. “So I apologize for not knowing.”


Come on, Mika. Are MSNBC‘s ratings so good (hint: They aren’t) that you can afford to “wing it” like that? Not knowing who Russell Brand is beforehand, that’s one thing. But how are you supposed to interview someone without knowing what they’re about? You could have Wikipedia’d him and learned everything you needed in five minutes!

Anyway. Lesson learned for Mika Brzezinski, we hope. Props to her for admitting she had no idea what she was doing. That takes real sand.

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