American League Central trade deadline moves

Overall I think the four of the five general mangers in this division did a poor job. The Cleveland Indians did what we expected them to do, and made a few minor deals here and there and tried to improve their roster and farm system. The Detroit Tigers get a pass as injuries have sunk their 2010 season, and they have 50 some million bucks coming off the payroll hading into 2011. That leaves the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins who did not land any big time players.

Let us look at what each team did:

•The Tigers brought in Jhonny Peralta to play third as Bradon Inge will miss significant time with a injury
•The Indians traded Peralta, and added a prospect in a very complicated deal involving two other teams
•The White Sox did add SP Edwin Jackson, but failed to land a big bat
•The Twins added Matt Capps to their bullpen, but will not get anything for him when he bolts after the season
•The Kansas City Royals, who went overlooked because they are the Royals, were sellers and rid themselves of Rick Ankiel, and Kyle Farnsworth for prospects

In the end I think all of these teams did a poor job. The Indians and the Royals are well the Indians and the Royals. The Tigers are in a bad situation with aging veterans and a number of injuries. The White Sox and Twins will battle for the division title, but the Sox failed to land some more offense. That might hurt them as the Twins are a very good baseball team, and it feels like the Sox have played above their heads so far.

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