Chicago Teacher’s Union President Blames ‘Rich White People’ For City’s Education Problem

Chicago Teacher’s Union President Karen Lewis apparently believes “rich white people” are to blame for the city’s education problem.

“Members of the status quo — the people who are running the schools and advising the mayor on how to best run our district — know what good education looks like because they have secured it for their own children in well-resourced public and private institutions,” she said.

Lewis went on to talk about how racism, poverty, and inequality prevents the delivery of a quality education in the Chicago school system. “When will we address the fact that rich, white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos—no matter what the parent’s income or education level.”

The Dartmouth graduate suggested higher income tax rates on wealthy residents because it would generate billions in necessary revenue.

Lewis added that the Chicago Public Schools should emulate the Chicago Cubs. “When the Cubs lose a game they don’t call for Wrigley Field to close down. They don’t want the entire team dismantled. Despite empty seats, the stadium isn’t accused of being underutilized,” she said.

The teacher’s union president believes the Chicago school system should do the same for the children. “Cheer them on. Invest in them. Love them. Support their parents. Support their teachers. Support their schools. Let’s work together. Let’s win, Chicago. Let’s win,” she said.

Chicago closed 49 schools in May because they were not being fully used. This outraged many parents in Chicago’s South Side and West Side areas. They said they were worried about their children having to walk longer distances to get to their new schools.

What do you think about Lewis’ comment about rich white people? Do you believe they are to blame for Chicago’s education problem?

[Image via Shuttershock]