North West: Kim And Kanye’s Baby Name Isn’t Very Well Received

North West has been officially announced as the name for Kim and Kanye’s baby, and the directional name isn’t getting too kind a reaction from fans and on social media.

After rumors that Kim Kardashian had picked a “K” name (and brief rumors that they named the baby Kaidence Donda West), the couple confirmed to People magazine that they picked North West. Within minutes of the news, “North West” became a trending topic on Twitter, and the reaction wasn’t good.

Most people made fun of the name, comparing it to other seemingly made-up names celebrities have picked (like Kanye’s friend and mentor, Jay-Z, who named his daughter Blue Ivy).

But North West isn’t too surprising of a name for anyone following Kimye closely. Back in March it was revealed that Kanye settled on the name while promoting his work in the fashion world.

According to Metro, the rapper was brainstorming names during Paris Fashion Week, ultimately deciding that North was his favorite. But that was dismissed as a rumor after Kim Kardashian did an interview with Jay Leno where she poked fun at the idea, agreeing with Leno that Easton West was maybe a better choice.

So far, the name North West has mostly been joke fodder. In one of the most popular tweets (which was shared more than 15,000 times), a user named @Lord_Voldemore7 made what will be the start of a lifetime of jokes for Kim and Kanye’s baby girl.

Others used the name as proof of Kim and Kanye’s lacking parental skills.

Of course, not everyone disagreed with North West as Kim and Kanye’s baby name. They got some backup from one of Kim’s reality show colleagues.

“People are SO mean, I think North West is fab, Kimye,” wrote Jersey Shore star Snooki.

What do you think of the name North West for Kim and Kanye’s baby?