Trump Tower Jumpers Sought By Chicago Police

Three Trump Tower jumpers are being sought by Chicago police. The men are accused of breaking in to Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower late last night. All three men made their way to the top of the building and proceeded to jump of the roof.

As reported by the NBC News, the men were not injured in the stunt as they were wearing parachutes. They are currently wanted by Chicago authorities for trespassing into the locked building. Police explain that the men used a “cutting device” to breach the doors and gain entry.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, The Trump Tower jumpers’ images were captured on surveillance equipment set up throughout the building. Authorities have released the photos in an attempt to identify the suspects.

The men were likely participating in an extreme sport called BASE jumping. As explained at, “BASE stands for Buildings, Antennae, Spans (Bridges) and Earth.” These are the objects from which BASE jumpers launch themselves.

As many locations, including the Trump Tower, do not encourage BASE jumping, participants often sneak or break into buildings to gain access to their highest point.

Authorities point out that while the Trump Tower jumpers did break into the building, nothing was discovered stolen.

Chicago’s Trump Tower was built in 2009. At 1389 feet tall, it is the #12 tallest building in the world and the #2 tallest in Chicago, Illinois, according to The building is used as a hotel and residential facility.

BASE Jumpers

Jumping from the top of a 1398 foot building would give anyone a rush. Unfortunately, the men are now being sought by the police. Surveillance images show three Caucasian men making their way to the top of the building. All three men were wearing jumping gear by the time they approached the roof.

Trump Tower Jumper Suspects

The Trump Tower jumpers are incredibly lucky. The three men may face criminal charges for their stunt. However, none of them were injured.

[Images via Flickr, Chicago Tribune,]