Man Beats Girlfriend’s 2-Year-Old To Death Because Boy ‘Disrespected’ Him

A 26-year-old man beat his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son to death after the toddler “disrespected” him.

Clifton Bernard admitted to police that he attacked the child on May 22 after he climbed on a piece of furniture  and then “disrespected” him with a facial expression.

Documents released Thursday say that Bernard became enraged with the child and “violently grabbed [Jamir] by the upper torso and forced him to the floor.” Bernard also admitted to “grabbing [Jamir] by the face and forcing his head through the apartment wall.” The Suitland, Maryland, man then called 911 and said that the child had choked on food and needed medical attention.

Jamir was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries and multiple rib fractures. The child also suffered internal bleeding around the skull, scalp swelling, and blown pupils. Jamir died the day after he was taken to the hospital.

Clifton Bernard was charged with murder, child abuse, and first and second degree assault.

Last month, a 24-year-old Missouri man was charged with the second-degree murder of his 10-week-old daughter, Brenlee. Similar to Bernard, Alex Gilbert became enraged with the infant, but Gilbert’s anger was over the fact that he had to babysit his own child.

Brenlee was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Blue Springs, and then transferred to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where she died three days later. Brenlee suffered a fractured skull, contusions, brain damage, and broken bones. When the child’s mother, Stephanie Hinklin, arrived at the hospital to see her baby, she had two black eyes and a bruise on forehead. She had also been punched in the ribs, and admitted that Gilbert had thrown a phone at her a few days earlier. Alex Gilbert is being held on $500,000 bond.

What sentence do you think Clifton Bernard and Alex Gilbert should get in these children’s murders?