Forbes Closes True/Slant

Forbes has closed new media site True/ Slant after acquiring the site in May for a rumored “single figure millions” price.

Rumors about the future of the site swirled at acquisition, with some suggestions that Forbes might absorb the site into a current property as part of a move to increase its online syndication presence, or that in part the acquisition might have been a platform play.

This closure of the site hasn’t been officially confirmed by Forbes, however a range of True/Slant writers have posted farewells on the site, confirming that it has been shut.

Writer and reporter Neal Ungerleider writes on the site that there have been discussions among writers leaving about forming a new site in the future, writing “So what now? In September, I hope to rejoin some former True/Slanters at a new — as of yet disclosed — project.”

In the final post to the site, Michael Roston notes about what True/Slant has achieved, but doesn’t shed light on to exactly why the site has been closed, other than that operations have been absorbed into Forbes.

In May, True/Slant was doing 1.5 million uniques on what we estimated at the time to be around 3.5 million page views.