James Gandolfini’s Death Causes ‘Sopranos’ Sales Spike


James Gandolfini’s death has caused a huge spike in sales of his hit TV show The Sopranos on sites like Amazon and iTunes.

Though we reported earlier that Amazon was accused of pushing Gandolfini merchandise, effectively capitalizing on the 51-year-old actor’s untimely death, it seems that his fanbase and curious newcomers are actually to blame for the increased interest.

DVD and instant video purchases of The Sopranos are way up, along with related search terms. Season 1 of The Sopranos is currently at No. 2 on iTunes’ “Top TV Seasons” chart, just behind Futurama‘s 10th season.

Neither iTunes nor HBO would reveal specific sales data, according to TheWrap.

On Amazon, The Sopranos: The Complete Series collection hit the top 100, landing at No. 2 on the “Best Sellers in Movies & TV” list, only behind Mad Men‘s episode “The Quality of Mercy.” The complete collection of The Sopranos retails for around $125.

The first season is also pretty high, relatively speaking. The DVD, which sells for $20.49, is No. 31, while Season 6 (the last season of the hit show) is No. 49.

Sopranos media is similarly dominating other venues, as well. Outside of the Top 50 on Amazon, The Sopranos‘ pilot is number 61 on instant video. The first half of Season 6 is up to 63. The second season of the hit show is number 73. The complete fifth is No. 80.

Even YouTube reflected interest in James Gandolfini’s filmography yesterday, with the actor’s name being the video sharing site’s top search phrase with other 5 million searches.

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[Image via: DFree / Shutterstock]