Woman Killed On Walk Of Fame For $1

A woman killed on the walk of fame was stabbed to death over $1. Christine Calderon, age 23, was reportedly killed by a panhandler on the infamous Hollywood, California, sidewalk.

Calderon and her friends were touring the area and taking photos when she was approached by three men. The men demanded that she pay them $1 for taking their picture. Calderon denied their request. One of the men proceeded to pull out a knife and stab Calderon in the torso, causing a fatal injury.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, three men were arrested in the attack. Dustin James Kinnear, age 26, is charged with murder. Jason Joel, age 33, is charged with assault, and Brian Joseph Widdows, age 34, is charged with being an accessory.

Calderon was pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday night. Her family was stunned by the news, as she often toured the Hollywood area without incident.

On her last visit to Hollywood, the woman was killed on the Walk of Fame. Calderon's mother, Yolonde Tassin, stated that she had a bad feeling something happened to her daughter. At some point during the evening she stopped responding to her mother's text messages.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, detectives showed up on Tassin's doorstep the following morning. Tassin explains that she opened the door and said "my daughter [is] dead isn't she..." The detective nodded, confirming her worst fears.

Christina Calderon

Christine had a rough time throughout her teen years, at one point becoming estranged from her mother. However, she was working hard to turn her life around. She stopped using drugs and drinking, went back to school, and received her GED.

With dreams of becoming an engineer, Christine recently registered for classes at El Camino Community College.

On Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm, the woman was killed on the Walk of Fame. Her life and dreams cut far too short over $1.

[Images via Flickr, LA Times]