American Leage East trade deadline moves

Ok, over the next week we will be looking at how the MLB trade deadline deals affected each of the 30 MLB teams. For now let us start a rundown of the major moves made in each division. We start in teh American League East where the New York Yankees made a ton of moves to get better, the Boston Red Sox made a few moves but are waiting for injuries to clean up, the Tampa Bay Rays were oddly quiet but are a pretty good team none the less, and the Toronto Blues Jays and Baltimore Orioles were sellers for the most part.

So we are going to focus in one what teams got, and save analysis of the cost for later in the year or after a few years when prospects develop.

•The Yankees picked up 1B Lance Berkman, LF Austin Kerns, and SP Kerry Wood. They were the best team in baseball before these acquisitions and they are better afterwards. How much better remains to be seen.
•The Boston Red Sox picked up C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, I don’t know why but we shall see on this one.
•The Tampa Bay Rays picked up RP Chad Qualls to strengthen their bullpen

As this shuffles out I think the Yankees will remain the favorite to win this division, and if Boston can heal they should be tough as well. The Rays area very good baseball team so maybe they didn’t need to make many moves, but I though for sure they would be more active than this.

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