Cindy McCain having an affair?

The not always reputable National Enquirer has published the above photo as proof that Cindy McCain, wife of failed US Presidential candidate John McCain is having an affair.

According to the article (currently uncontactable, or it may have been removed, we’re not sure)

“I couldn’t believe I was watching Cindy McCain passionately kissing and hugging another man!” says a spywitness, who claims to have spotted the 54-year-old wife of Senator McCain slobbing down a long-haired man with a striking resemblance to “a washed-up ’80s rock musician.”

The wealthy blonde heiress and her secret pal have been spotted together around her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona over the past several years, The Enquirer writes.

A second witness spotted Cindy and her “mystery man” at a Moody Blues concert “passionately kissing and hugging.”

“I couldn’t believe it. I remember thinking, ‘Go get a room!’

The photo does look like her, but grainy isn’t the half of it. There is a large age gap between Cindy McCain and John McCain, and the two were reported to live apart during the election, so there might be something to it, but we wouldn’t bet on it at this stage.