July 3, 2013
Sportsbet Lewd Soccer Ad Criticized, Unusual Welcome For Tourists

Sportsbet, an online bookmaker, has come under heavy criticized after their decision to paint a lewd soccer ad on a field near Melbourne Airport, Australia. Although the advert has been justified as a "wallaby cuddling a lion from behind," it would seem that the choice in picture is actually hinting at a more intimate act.

The huge 170m by 90m sign has been introduced to promote Sportsbets services. Apparently Haydn Lane, a Sportsbets representative, can't think of a better way to show support for the Wallabies than painting a giant wallaby getting behind a lion.

This definitely could be seen as a perspective changing experience considering it replaces any cute wallaby images you might have with a more racy wallaby visual, which, let's face it, not many (if any) would want.

Whether you agree with that line of reasoning or not or whether you even think it makes sense, the lewd soccer ad has come under fire.

Not only have residents and tourists passed negative judgement on the painting, but 3AW radio host, Neil Mitchell, has stepped forward and stated that the painting isn't a good look.

This does appear to be a valid point to make when you consider that the giant painting will be many people's first impression of Australia, not the mention the awkwardness that could ensue if a child has to ask their parents why the wallaby is "cuddling" the lion.

On the other hand, considering just about any image can lead to public backlash, like the "sneaky nuts" prank that had an Australian politician apologizing profusely, it does leave you wondering where the line is drawn these days.

Regardless of whether this is a good or bad idea from Sportsbets, there is no denying that their lewd soccer ad is generating them a lot of PR, and, when you think that the majority of companies would see all PR as good PR, then their idea might just pay off.

Sportsbet Lewd Football Ad Criticised, Unusual Welcome For Tourists


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